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A drunken reference to electronic equipment
I can get you anything electronical
by horrible01 May 21, 2011
Booklets. As in "dem electronical booklets."
I have to call the broker and see if he wants paper books or electronicals.
by Melissa Saiz January 28, 2005
the field of electronics, as per say where one would work, in electronicals. used often to impress people and may be used in jest.
ehh you know, i think i might dabble in electronicals
by lucas garrett January 12, 2005
anything involving electronics
The stereo is an electronical device.
by Karen Cullum March 31, 2005
a word that covers all electronic devices

Spouse A to Spouse B: Have you muted all your electronicals so we can sleep in peace tonight?

Spouse B to Spouse A: Yes, dear. And have you plugged in your electronicals for recharging?
electronicals, Itouch, PSP, Nintendo DS, cell phone, Blackberry, Iphone, tv remote, laptop, GPS, key fob remote, etc
by Hip Mama June 28, 2010
an item or object containing electronic components.
"that printer is too electronical to throw in the garbage. it must be delivered to the proper recycling facility"
by Loopy Leah January 14, 2012

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