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3 definitions by Mytraxx

In other words: A1. First-class, excellent.
Dude! That new sled is steak sauce!
by Mytraxx March 20, 2006
357 62
An adult males clubhouse. Section of a home, typically a furnished basement, where it's all about the man. Foosball, air hockey, pool, pinball, darts, big screen/plasma, wet bar, stocked fridge and a lock on the door. Welcome to Man Town.
"Honey, we will be in man town watching the game - and cannot be be reached for the next 4 hours."

"He left for man town 2 hours ago, but has enough supplies for a week."

"This autographed basketball would be perfect for my man town collection"

by Mytraxx October 04, 2005
25 15
To Change location; move on
Can't talk now, gotta jump.
by Mytraxx September 12, 2005
16 14