A imaginary person that is used often to make fun of people that are talking to themselves; a character made up to take the place of nobody
You were talking to Julio over there weren't you. (meaning that he was talking to no one.)
Example dialogue-
Matt: Hey Tom, who took our bags over to the hotel.
Tom: I am pretty sure Julio did. (meaning that their bags are still at the airport. Nobody took them.)
by rom2lu56 November 19, 2007
A wanskta, no doubt.
by Anonymous July 18, 2003
A type of hobo, or breed, that is very smelly. They usually have nubs for arms and legs.

(Do not use this for school work!)
Look at that Julio, we should help her get across the street since her nubs are not working!

Hobos can be smelly, for example the breed Julio is very foul.
by Weengi August 01, 2009
An illegal immigrant of Hispanic heritage.
I need to go down to The Home Depot and pick up a load of julio's to clean up my yard!
by B.J. Morley April 10, 2007
A term describing a person from Mexico, Central, or South America. The slang term originated due to the fact that 85% of the native population is named Julio or some derivative of the original latin. Will beg or ask for anything,particularly cell phone minutes.
What is that stupid fucking julio doing?

Looks like he is walking in the middle of the highway with the rest of his retarted family.

"No julio puta, no tengo minutos."

by Mantis222 August 22, 2006
Obese,hairy,greasy,going bald,messed up grill havin man.
You:yo,what happened to your eyes?

Me: I looked directly at Julio! Now I'm blind!
by siciliana May 08, 2014
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