A name you give a person that is always there, and will never go. It can be a good or bad term, depending on the situation. A "Julio" will usually get his way out of sticking situations by playing the race card.
Drunk Redneck: "Get back here you dumb son of a bitch!"

Julio: "Me no speaky English."
by Todd Feipel May 14, 2008
fucking Jesus nigga
Man I have to get a 178 on my test to pass. Time to pray to Julio
by Sosa12399 May 19, 2015
also can be referred to as j00lio.
j00lio wears a tiara often.
by $_$ May 09, 2005
julio a.k.a Big Dick bandit, he will break an entry! steal your DVR, TV, XBOX, and fuck your girlfriend and/or wife, or big sister/Lil' sister(at least 16yrs old)
Guy; what da fuck?!!! someone broke an entry!! My xbox is gone and 'her' pussy has been tampered with, I bet it was JULIO!!!! FFFFAAAAKKKKK!!
by beastBoi July 14, 2012
A imaginary person that is used often to make fun of people that are talking to themselves; a character made up to take the place of nobody
You were talking to Julio over there weren't you. (meaning that he was talking to no one.)
Example dialogue-
Matt: Hey Tom, who took our bags over to the hotel.
Tom: I am pretty sure Julio did. (meaning that their bags are still at the airport. Nobody took them.)
by rom2lu56 November 19, 2007
A wanskta, no doubt.
by Anonymous July 18, 2003
A type of hobo, or breed, that is very smelly. They usually have nubs for arms and legs.

(Do not use this for school work!)
Look at that Julio, we should help her get across the street since her nubs are not working!

Hobos can be smelly, for example the breed Julio is very foul.
by Weengi August 01, 2009

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