One whom is born to embody the essence of sleeze, tackiness, and douchebaggery. Slang; one who is exceptionally unacceptable; unsatisfactory. An almost ungodly and shameful idiot, taken from "geek" mythology. Also see "Fuck Head"
Man, that Richard swears he's a friggin' Julio, what with his body glitter, unbuttoned "chiny" shirt, tight jeans, and sunglasses in a dark club.

Hey dumbass, you need to stop going to the gym after waxing your chest or people might think you're trying to be a Julio.

No one is dating my kid sister, especially not some damn Julio.
by djmattm2002 April 27, 2010
A DORK. One who does not know how to put a computer together and must seek the help of a Dad.
OMG, he doesn´t know about computers?!?! What a Julio!
by Anonymous June 17, 2003
Justyn's undeniably emo penis.
Julio was feeling very down yesterday, when he looked at ugly German people.
by Kitty February 28, 2005
One who never quits
girl-hey are you quitting track?
by jvv February 04, 2009
a julio is usually a caring, funny guy that usually has many girls chasing over hym. is usually short but very hot nd attractive. knows how to makee someone smile nd is really good a skateboarding and or anykind of bikes. can b very popular and sometimes a jerkk but is very kool nd fun to be with. has a nice ass nd is a sex god... i adore my hobo julio. VERY sexyy.
nerd: woah! look at that kool dude! is he criss?
nerd #2: nahh man he's kooler than criss!, he's julio!!
Nerd: woahh!! hey julio!! ur kool! nice butt
julio: uhhh thanks? hey.
nerd: :D
by eatmewhileimhot!! August 24, 2010
Loves Cilly....crazy, fun guy, and good at singing
i love you pito!!!
by Cecilia March 05, 2004

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