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A DORK. One who does not know how to put a computer together and must seek the help of a Dad.
OMG, he doesn´t know about computers?!?! What a Julio!
by Anonymous June 17, 2003
One whom is born to embody the essence of sleeze, tackiness, and douchebaggery. Slang; one who is exceptionally unacceptable; unsatisfactory. An almost ungodly and shameful idiot, taken from "geek" mythology. Also see "Fuck Head"
Man, that Richard swears he's a friggin' Julio, what with his body glitter, unbuttoned "chiny" shirt, tight jeans, and sunglasses in a dark club.

Hey dumbass, you need to stop going to the gym after waxing your chest or people might think you're trying to be a Julio.

No one is dating my kid sister, especially not some damn Julio.
by djmattm2002 April 27, 2010
One who never quits
girl-hey are you quitting track?
by jvv February 04, 2009
a julio is usually a caring, funny guy that usually has many girls chasing over hym. is usually short but very hot nd attractive. knows how to makee someone smile nd is really good a skateboarding and or anykind of bikes. can b very popular and sometimes a jerkk but is very kool nd fun to be with. has a nice ass nd is a sex god... i adore my hobo julio. VERY sexyy.
nerd: woah! look at that kool dude! is he criss?
nerd #2: nahh man he's kooler than criss!, he's julio!!
Nerd: woahh!! hey julio!! ur kool! nice butt
julio: uhhh thanks? hey.
nerd: :D
by eatmewhileimhot!! August 24, 2010
Loves Cilly....crazy, fun guy, and good at singing
i love you pito!!!
by Cecilia March 05, 2004