1.it can be a way of a female dancing on a guy but also
2. in chicago it can mean a dance some would call footworking
3.or also a type of atmosphere
1. She gave him a juke.
2. It was a juke battle between 187 and terra squad.
3. That party was jukin.
by AngelofLuv January 20, 2009
Equivilent to "grind"; a type of dance to generally fastpaced music.
We were jukin' all night at that party!
by L. Milla April 04, 2004
Juking is done all over the world but it is usually only referred to "juking" in the Chicago area.
Juking is a form of grinding but juking is when the male & female, or female & female, are facing front to front while grinding is when the female's butt is to the male's front.
Many believe it is a form of dancing while others just think it's dry sex.
It is done in a motion of shaking your ass around while the guy holds on to you & follows your rhythm.

guy 1; "damnnnn, there's this one chick i wanna juke, but i think i'll pop one"
guy 2; "that'd be embarrassing dude.
whatev, just go bone her"
guy 1; "true that dawggg."
by bangg x skeeet July 10, 2008
To Jizz from your mouth.

Or, to Puke out Jizz.

It happens when you are disgusted and turned on in the same time.
(Watching 3 girls 2 cups)

Murph: "Aww, I'm gonna juke!"

*Murph Jukes*

Dan: "Aww Man, Murph totally Juked on your desk!"

(As Seen on CollegeHumor)
by Gogglesz May 14, 2010
to hate on. diss. judge
Dude, i dont mean to juke on yo girl but damnnn she ugly
by stoutkidz. March 08, 2011
When you're really turned on and disgusted at the same time, and jizz/puke out of your mouth.

Coined by the College Humor staff in their video Juke as part of their All Nighter: III
Dan: "I juke whenever I watch two girls one cup"
Matt: "So do I! I mean the girls are so hot, but its so disgusting at the same time... its hard not to juke"
by waitzsauce December 11, 2009
Its a more beast way of saying Sike!!! ONLY For dope ass niggas, like MATT!
Dude"Damn girl your hot as fuck, wanna go out?"
Girl"Yeah can we?
Dude"haha yeah!"
Dude".. Haha Juke"
by ThisKidIsDope!!! January 06, 2012

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