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A drug dealer. Used in the song Cloudy Room by the British band the twang.
-Lets get some Gian Luca, better phone the juggla
by adthefox June 16, 2007
Loser Pieces of shit. Plain and simple.
juggla = some icp related trash
by Juggaho killer October 04, 2006
Violent J the Juggla
Look me up under Juggla and you'll find my name, and if you dont, then your dictionarys lame. Mother fucker.
by SovereignScorn October 29, 2004
a juggla also means a shotter,dealer etc its mainly used in tha city of birmingham uk
geezer:yo u no that juggla from tha B20
bod:ye ye
geezer:yo hes got tha DANK
by E-don December 21, 2005
A dealer or slanger used often in lyrics by MC crittz and other grime MC's
is that yute still jugglin'...are you still a juggla?
by soldier reppin urban March 21, 2007
Desendants of the Dark Carnaval, two of the most wickedest Axe Weilding Clowns the planet has every seen. shaggy 2 dope and Violent Jay have risen a fan base like voodoo wizards and we are the Jugglas.
The Jugglas came over the hill weilding axes and hatchets.
don't fuck with the jugglas.
by Luke-0 T June 28, 2006
My favorite song from the insane clown posse.
I'm that nerd in the back of the class that went psycho and killed ya ass I slash and cut and hack with a kick me sign on my back!
by TWEEDLE DEE AND TWEEDLE DOH November 02, 2004