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one who sells drugs illegally
"These muthafuckas look at me like I'm a slanger
Making threats to family dawg I'm in danger..."
-From "G-Code" by Geto Boys
by The Zad June 10, 2005
To sell Drugz
ey homie i gotta slang this sash and make sum billz
by YouNg Gun August 06, 2003
Someone who's job it is to sell merchandise, food or a service.
Yeah, I'm slanger at Taco Bell. I be slanging tacos all day!
by TacoZombie August 27, 2015
A slanger is a cominbined noun, slut + banger, referring to one who bangs sluts, like Lou Ferigno.
Lou is a slanger, and has many sluts.
by Jacques Asse April 07, 2009
1. a girl who is easy to get beej's and handsies from

2. rapeable as well as dateable

3. you can take her home to mom, but you can also give her roofies and take her home to your boys

4. usually smart... in school
did you read about that s-langer who fell victim to that serial rapist yesterday? poor girl.
by frozensoup June 01, 2009
inventor of slang; user of slang
we found a slanger on the srteet.
by emery March 19, 2005
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