Guttersnipe, somebody who doesn't jump on the bandwagon. A guy who doesn't pick and chose his freaks. Somebody who isn't stuck up. Somebody who says whats up to somebody else who wears the hatchetman. An enemy of yours is an enemy of mine type of attitude. All for one, one for all. Somebody who doesn't need to be knocked off his high-horse.
People who pick on me feel bigger by doing that, because I am a juggalo.
by Hector Rico August 13, 2005
A fan of ICP. All are male because females are juggalettes. They are typically fat, and have acne. They wear clown makeup around all day, whether it be in public or at home. They are very loyal to ICP, they take insults left and right for loving what is probably the worst band in history, and they usually yell about killing people who hate ICP. They "follow the hatchet" which is an ICP term. They are generally whiggers, and they all drink, or say they drink, Faygo.
Me: ICP is worthless.
Juggalo: i kill u bitch.
Me: Okay. Do it then.
Juggalo: bitch u aint werth it. we swing r hatchets hi.
Me: Oh..
by StemAndFaggot August 07, 2005
a crazy mutha who don't die till he/she gets what they want
we is down wit da clown 4 life

that mutha just won't die. there's no doubt he's a juggalo
by i kill people March 11, 2005
Person whos down with tha clown, listens to all/most groups with psycopathic records.
ex: twiztid, ICP (Insane Clown Posse), monoxide, blaze, esham, Dark lotus, Anybody killa..etc.

Juggalo being a male
Juggalette being a female
Yo man that lil fucka's a straight up juggalo!

"We dont never die alone. Juggalos will carry on. Swing our hatchets if we must. Each and everone of us"
by Sock December 11, 2004
Someone who is an outcast, or is rejected by his/her peers.

Term originally coined by fans of the "Insane Clown Posse" a horror core rap group from Detroit Michigan on "Psychopathic records". The term Juggalo/Juggalette is often associate with people who are fans of artists that are on, or associated with, the record label known as "psychopathic records", but the term is considered much more than that.

To many people The term Juggalo or Juggalette refers not only to people who are fans of "psychopathic" music, but to anyone who has ever felt alone or out casted by their peers. To any one who has felt that they are different from everyone else in some way, to everyone who has thought they were strange, weird, or misunderstood.

The majority of these people are indeed fans of music from artists on the "psychopathic" record label, but there is much more to them, and this term means far more than can be explained here (if you want to know, actually take the time to talk to someone who claims to be a Juggalo/Juggalette).

all they to think and/or ask...before you judge...
A Juggalo/Juggalette is anyone you pass, that seems "off" "different" or "strange" OR any fan of ANY artist on "Psychopathic Records"

......"oh lets stay away from them...I hear they are Juggalos"

......"oh I'm an ignorant redneck piece of shit.....all Juggalos are ICP and Twiztid loving sheep, not to mention they are fat, full of acne, and stupid, lets stay away from them."

"yeah, I'd rather be fucking my sister anyhow...Juggalos are stupid."
#juggalo #juggalette #ninja #wicked clown #woop woop
1st of fucking all juggalo/juggalettes are not queer or whatever the fuck you think they are!! Just bescause we listen to ICP don't mean shit!! It's a way of life and you wouldn't understand it because you aint a real one!!! Honestly you know nothing about us and plus not all of us are overweight because I'm not and you can think thats all you want BITCH'S!!!
by ChRiStInA P. July 13, 2005
one who is at terms with himself and knows his role in life weather it is big or small and doesnt care, a juggalo is one who is a part of a group while still being a complete outcast.
if they're either black, white, asian, spanish, native american or of other ethnicity, they're tall, short, fat and skinny.
they can be prep, goth, ganster, nerd, jock, could be forty and a harvard grad and still be a juggalo, a juggalo is the defected perfect everyone searches for.
son:is that a juggalo daddy?
dad:i dont know son, they're hard to spot.
dad:they come in all different types son, even your mom is a juggalo.
son:can i be one too daddy?
dad:of course you can son
by biker_187 June 22, 2005
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