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one who is at terms with himself and knows his role in life weather it is big or small and doesnt care, a juggalo is one who is a part of a group while still being a complete outcast.
if they're either black, white, asian, spanish, native american or of other ethnicity, they're tall, short, fat and skinny.
they can be prep, goth, ganster, nerd, jock, slutty....you could be forty and a harvard grad and still be a juggalo, a juggalo is the defected perfect everyone searches for.
son:is that a juggalo daddy?
dad:i dont know son, they're hard to spot.
dad:they come in all different types son, even your mom is a juggalo.
son:can i be one too daddy?
dad:of course you can son
by biker_187 June 22, 2005

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