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When the temperature is over 100 degrees causing you to be scorching hot or when someone is a true beauty.
Danielle: "Hey lady, I love you."
Diana: "I love you too, you scorchulious woman!"
#hot #scorch #beauty #burning #pretty
by drella July 04, 2012
A Juggalo/lette is someone who beleives in what ICP and the psychopathic team preach. They beleive in the dark carnival, the 6 jokers cards, livin life without bitching, and God. It isn't just being a fan. It's a way of life. They drink faygo cause it's cheap (99 cents for 2 liters!) and they paint their faces as an expression. Other most common names for juggalos/lettes are ninja/ninjette, and serial killa.
Juggalos will never die.
by Drella June 01, 2005
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