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Horny Mexican Guy
These guys are everywhere- sides of the roads, in your house, and even staring at you in the shower. Occasionally you can spot them on the sidewalk scratching their crotch vigorously.
Girl- "Ew that guy keeps staring at me."
Guy- "Don't flatter yourself, honey. That's just an HMG. They'll stare at anything."
by fartface101 March 02, 2011
Hot Married Guy. So hot, but so married.
Holy crap, HMG's here!! Maybe this time I'll get to brush up against him!!
by mr. fluffy November 20, 2006
A heavy machine gun in the popular half-life mod Natural Selection. Used primarily to hold areas and kill onos.
Theres an onos incoming to base drop me an HMG
by Adam Macleod January 06, 2004
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