A joystick is another word for a dick/penis used especially when the girl you have having sex with says "man, you have a good joystick"
In other words the stick makes joy
Girl:Nice joystick!
by sonic1234 June 13, 2010
Nickname for someone who chronically masturbates.
Damn, Leafar plays with himself so much we should call him JOYSTICK.
by Chuck March 06, 2004
when the girl rubs her thumb over the head over a penis while giving a hand job, much like pressing buttons on top of a joystick. Generally done thinking it will cause pleasure rather than pain.
guy1: "so she gave you a handjob?"

guy2: "yeah but she gave me the joystick so it was fricking agony!"
by gdude2000 December 08, 2010
the one object both you and your girlfriend could have bonding time with. the joystick is like a game
using your joystick to pleasure your girlfriend
by jonny mijuh January 06, 2007
uhhh obviously its "joy" "stick".
Can i play wit yo joy stick?

Last night didnt work out, his joy stick was way too flexible and soft.
by yomama4103 January 12, 2010
a modification of the shocker with the thumb used as a clitoral stimulator. Named so because it resembles how you hold your hand when playing video games, and because of the pleasure a woman will get from it.
When I gave the joystick to this girl I knew, she came like she was a volcano!
by jab131 September 09, 2005
Awesome punk/ska band from New Orleans, Louisiana.
I'm about to get my skank on while listening to Joystick!
by Easy skanking August 20, 2010

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