Sudden feeling of intense well-being, (NOT brought on by narcotics).

See: "high on life"
"The sun, the birds, the grass, the-- ooh, joygasm!"
by Drakien March 06, 2003
Joygasm: noun. The most intense feeling possible with today's medical and recreational technology. Generally accepted to be 15 times as powerful as being high on EVERY drug, simultaneously.

rarely sexual

roots: clearly, a combination of Joy, and Orgasm

often brought on by a fellacious occurrence

accepted as being as powerful as an orgasm^Chuck Norris
DUDE I saw Inglorious Bastards and I had a Joygasm

The techie saw the lighting design for that theatre and he had a joygasm

Jake asked what a ninja was, and Sally said "you're a ninja" and he had a joygasm right there
by psuedonym^chucknorris September 12, 2009
a sudden uprising in happiness
"i just joygasmed!"
by DJBigz March 06, 2006
when you are so happy you sequel like a prepubescent little schoolgirl
I had a joygasm when i herd that queens of the stone age were having a concert in my town
by el_rain January 02, 2009
An orgasm of the mind. Used as an adjective: Joygasmic.
n: That concert gave me a total joygasm.
adj: The show was joygasmic.
by mdogg27 December 23, 2006
(v.) Having extreme pleasure in something, more than normally so.
I had a joygasm listening to my new 300-watt stereo at full blast.
by Chris February 28, 2005
Used almost exclusively as sarcasm, this term is an expression of extreme dissatisfaction and/or disappointment.
"Great, I gotta work tonight. Fucking joygasm"
by grandjoke August 03, 2008

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