An word created by a girl trying to be overly cute. Meaning the climax of joy.
When the science fiction geek met George Lucas he had an instant joygasm.
by JGOC February 25, 2005
something that happens to you making you so happy that u suddenly cum all over urself with joy.
Matt was asked to join the "fast food junkies" and he almost had a full on joygasm on the spot
by joy-gaz-um November 06, 2003
the act of overexcitement into a sexual pleasure/arousel.
"Ooh my!...That name (Kemper)'s just so, SEXY!!!..OOOOOOH! (perspiring heavily).....
by Paicob June 21, 2004
When you make awesome noises and are so happy that it's almost orgasmic, but in no way sexual. It kind of sucks sometimes 'cause then it makes you want orgasms.
Jason joygasms alot because Courtney makes him's the friends with benefits thing.
#joygasms #happiness #orgasms #stuff #pleasureness
by Courtney/Zim December 03, 2005
The act of having an orgasm when looking at someone or something they really want to bang.
Tracy had a full joygasm when she looked at Jimmy Fallon touching his hair and making funny faces.
by Tracy February 10, 2004
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