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A manly man who could easily kick your ass and treats his girlfriend right.
Man don't mess with him he's a kemper.
by BooBeau January 14, 2009
A synonym for "fail" commonly used by Seattle-area Volkswagen enthusiasts.
I can't believe I slid into the crub and bent my wheel. I totally Kempered it.
by darrbar July 22, 2008
Kemper is like sex if it were a person and ate a fuckton of rainbow cake. Had a snarky attitude and was mean alot.
Look at that bitch eating cake like she's kemper.
by Thatboyyouhate. October 12, 2012
Verb: To ejaculate
Noun: Semen
I kempered on her face, in her eye, on the cieling; there was kemper all over the place!
by douchey1476 May 03, 2005
increasing blood pressure, tension and suicidal tendencies in others
All was calm until John entered the room. The bad news he delivered kempered the others in the room.
by xana777 February 10, 2010
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