He's handsome, but when he leaves his beard to grow he looks like a muslim.. He's a kind young man, and knows how to treat a girl! He's a very loving guy.
'Hey look at that muslim'
'Oh that's just Josh'
by thatguyspiff November 13, 2012
1. To be constantly and consistently late. He could be anywhere from half an hour to a couple hours late. How ever, you forgive him anyways because thats what Josh Does.

2. The one person at a party who takes care of you.
1. Sorry, I had to pull a Josh. I was busy texting this girl who wont ever go out with me.

2. Can you be a Josh and hold my hair back as I puke into this fishbowl?
by KSNIPE February 22, 2011
idiot (igit) who downgrades to a dumbass. Can't see what's right in front of him because he's too tall & has a pea-sized brain. Also EXTREMELY bi-polar & can never make up his mind. Very arrogant, but caring. The most respectful-pervert you will ever meet.
Paula is in love with Josh who is being an idiot.

Josh is stupid, he was an idiot, but now he's a dumbass.
by crazyychickk001 December 05, 2010
Josh is just the most awesome person on earth, he gets all the chicks, and is real down to earth, and plays in a ravecore band. Also he has so much game it's not even funny, you have to hide your wives, and sometimes hide your kids. Furthermore, he has superpowers and can control peoples minds with his eyes, and move things without even touching them.
Person1: Dude, there is something about that kid Josh, he just is so awesome.
Person2: Ya, I heard he plays in a ravecore band, and can move things with his mind.
Person1: Where did you hear that?
Person2: Urban Dictionary, so it must be true.
by imnotusingmyrealnamelol November 05, 2010
Josh is a sensitive, caring guy who will do anything to solve problems. Although he may come across as overprotective but all he wants to do is make sure that the ones he loves are safe and well. Joshua's are normally very attractive and have the most gorgeous eyes. He also is an extremely good kisser and knows how to pleasure a lady; They're romantic and are aware of a girl's boundaries. I'm 100% positive that if you find a Josh, you will not regret it and you'll most defiantly have a perfect relationship. Trust me, Josh's are worth the wait.
"Look at him, he's defiantly a Josh!"
by abcdfkulolx January 03, 2015
All Josh's (Josh's? Joshes? Idk.) are really kind and funny. Always there for you. Make you laugh when you least expect it. Josh's are amazing. Best things that ever happened to you, correct? If you have the luck have one as a mate or even to date one, make sure you never leave him!
"Oh dayumn, Josh is one hood ass nigga!"
by I'M FABULOUS :D May 27, 2014
Josh is a kind, loving, caring guy. He knows when he can crack a joke or when he needs to be serious. He has an unnatural obsession with Coheed and Cambria and Claudio Sanchez. He rocks the guitar and loves video games. He loves his girlfriend and never lets her forget it. He has super soft hair and always smells good. Also has a great dick and ass. He gives amazing kisses and the best hugs. Any girl is super lucky to date Josh.
"That guy over there is totally jamming to 2's My Favorite 1"

"Must be a Josh."
by MaNu March 30, 2014

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