An unknown creature that takes a humanoid form, this creature has similar properties of what one would apply to "Batman" in the fact that it usually wears black, fights crime and has an incredible voice. Some people even think that it may be Death himself. This creature usually dwells on the planet earth and only one can be alive at one time. These creatures are not only bad ass heroes, but they can also use immense powers of unimaginable destruction and can even go as far as to control the space-time continuum, letting them skip across worlds and dimensions with ease. This creature, sighted only once and recorded many times throughout history called itself by one thing. Josh.
In a collapsed tomb in ancient Egypt, the hieroglyphs on the wall once told of a being of darkness bringing an evil emperors rule to an end.

After world war II a journal was recovered and instantly hidden by the CIA as inside was recordings of people being saved by the "dark angel, Josh"
by PitchBlack March 19, 2013
The most amazing guy you will ever know. A gentleman, friendly, welcoming, approachable, funny, sweet, kind hearted, willing to accept people who are different, non-judgemental. A guy who listens to your problems and actually cares about what you have to say, even if everyone else thinks you're talking rubbish. He's not afraid to be who he is and makes his girlfriend feel like she's not so alone after all. He accepts people for who they are and never tries to change them for his own ends. Everyone who is around him respects him, he's not afraid to stand up for people or what he thinks is right. He is easy to fall in love with and his girlfriend is the luckiest girl in the world. Once you have a hold of him, you'll never want to let him go. It's sad that he doesn't really know how much people appreciate him.

Most guys named Josh love to play videogames (and are amazing at it), watch sci-fi, make comics, watch action movies and listen to rock music.
'Ever since I met Josh, my life has only got better'
by Arglevonstrooben June 17, 2012
An amazing guy who is always laughing, but don't be fooled. he is also a serious person. He is not like all the other guys, he is sweet and charming. He likes girls, but only he right ones. he knows who he can trust so be nice and trustworthy because Josh is the best guy you'll ever meet. he is romantic, but doesn't start to interact with a opposite sex until age 14-15. but it's cuter that way. don't treat a Josh mean because he is really strong, even if he doesn't look like it. he will try to impress you for days.
I will always love Josh(:
by lilri October 25, 2014
The most amazing guy to have ever walk the Earth. He's smart, sexy, sweet, cute, adorable, and hilarious. He's an amazing poet with a big warm heart. No one is as perfect as him, even though he likes to be humble and deny it. He's easy to love, the best boyfriend anyone could ever ask for, and absolutely irresistible. Any girl would be lucky to have Josh. He stays true to one and only one person. He's admirable, the girl who loves him with all her heart looks up to him. Josh is beyond perfection.
Pffft. See that Josh? he's so perfect.
by 78490543 April 11, 2011
To rage quit during any type of game or competition. Also to fire directly into friendly units for no apparent reason, other than to be a douche.
Quit being such a fucking josh, you douche.
by The Alex. July 05, 2011
a short, red-headed devil that dresses like a bro. He has a negative opinion on just about every subject. He likes long walks on the beach, but dont let this distract you from the ultra-negative nature of the beast.
That comment by Mark was so negative it is the epitome of Josh.
by Crowntown BroKing March 30, 2011
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