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A guy who doesn't know if he is ganster, country, or skater. Dumps girls via TEXT MESSAGE. Failure at life, can't commit. Leads on girls, then goes back to his EX GIRLFRIEND who is a total BOOOOOOOTYCALLLLL. Dumb pothead, who lies about everything. Likes a lot of whores, thinks he is toooo cool for colllege, and has friends that are cooler than him. More than likely will lead you on and then dump you for no good reason at all. After he dumps you, you will be MORE THAN RELIEVED though.
Girl 1: "He seems really cool"
Girl 2: "What's his name?"
Girl 1: "Josh"
Girl 2: "NO girl, he is a total player"
Girl 1: "Oh, dang"
by aklreinsat-a April 26, 2011
Tan skin sweet smile and beautiful eyes, but doesnt like to admit it! He can be a dick sometimes, great boyfriend! wonders a lot of things, but other than that hes a great boyfriend
Josh: will you go out with me?
girl: yes
Josh: i promise to take care of you forever
by baba1 December 21, 2010
idiot (igit) who downgrades to a dumbass. Can't see what's right in front of him because he's too tall & has a pea-sized brain. Also EXTREMELY bi-polar & can never make up his mind. Very arrogant, but caring. The most respectful-pervert you will ever meet.
Paula is in love with Josh who is being an idiot.

Josh is stupid, he was an idiot, but now he's a dumbass.
by crazyychickk001 December 05, 2010
- an extremely awesome and epic guy who always knows the right thing to say and do in any situation. He is fully dedicated to whoever he loves (like there is no tomorrow) and will do anything for them. He is not afraid of anything and can make anyone laugh when they need it most. He's sweet, intelligent, and sexy even though he doesnt think so. He fights for what he believes in, and will never back down if he feels that the one he cares for is in danger. I love you!
That Josh isn't afraid of anything.

Who's your cute boyfriend? That would be Josh.
by SamichLover April 03, 2013
He ask out every girl and dates them and dumps them, He does not care if they get hurt but when he gets hurt they should feel like the worst person in the word *according to him* He is a dick, but he makes you fall for him, but after you date him you always wish you didn't, girl usually say yes to him becaause:
1. They feel bad for him
2. They want to use him to get someone jealous or to get over someone

3. He makes them like him but a day later they dump him
He is not that cute and a lot of people hate him because


He is a big show off

&& like the biggest dick in the world

Most of his friends hate him but they act like his friend because he will tell on them is their not

He is not a nice guy and doesn't care and is not very nice and he is they BIGGEST PLAYER EVERRR!!!!!!!!!
by urbandailyguy12 November 26, 2011
guy with small penis who throws up alot, who drives on an empty tank east bumfuck and cries during thunderstorms while holding a donkey penis in his left hand and a lubricant in his right hand while his mom is spanking him telling him to go home, he doesn't listen very well because apparently he doesn't get the fact that IT'S OVER. bitch ass nigga
person 1: are you okay?
person 2: no im fucking puking!!!
person 1: are you being like josh again?
by tits_mcgee1234567 August 03, 2011
A word that is impossible to say backwards.
Dan: HHHOOOOSSSOOOOOODGGEE (sound of someone attempting josh backward)

Tim: Thats as impossible as is it is for Osama bin ladens beard to be on a sun-silk ad.
by ooohhnarutokun May 07, 2011