Jordy is a girl who is absolutely stunning in appearance, looks great no matter what she wears. But her personality is defiantly her greatest plus. Loves laughing and is always fun to joke around with. She's athletic, smart and nerdy at times, but is overall an amazing lovable girl.
Did you see Jordy today? She's such a babe
by Jwwise March 23, 2016
noun: A pussy little six-pack of beer
You are only going need a jordy tonight since you are a big fag.
#beer #six-pack #little man #pussy #case
by youSlut March 31, 2008
A Jordy (commonly known as a Jordy story) is a really shit story. Most people replace "Cool story bro" with "Jordy".
Guy: So I walked down the street yesterday and i went to the video store.
Listener: Oh yeah so what happened than?
Guy: i got toy story out...... hahahan.....?
Listener: Jordy
#shit story #gay #boring #stupid #lame #retarded #smells like cheese
by Darvo69 November 01, 2012
A peice of shit boy who lives in salmon arm and licks mens assholes for free
Hey that kid is just like jordy
#jordy #cocksucker #asshole licker #salmon arm #bc
by Dylanownsall1234 August 18, 2008
A soccer player with no sense of team - skillful but unable to read the game, unwilling to pass to a team mate, ultimately a weak link.
Jordy wasted the opportunity by electing to try and beat 3 men rather than put in an early ball.
#soccer #team #football #skill #pass
by Joshiah December 23, 2005
a large, smelly bowel movement
Oh man, they're serving tacos again. I'm gonna have to go drop a jordy in the shithouse tonight.
by Oz Etzion August 22, 2005
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