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A silly, somtimes rediculous guy who is Usualy very nice to everyone. Tends to know somthing about everything. He is fairly easily embarassed. he is also loving and

Honest and is very reliable.
Jordi is sooooo awesome.
#geordie #jordie #jordy #gordy #jordi
by Lord Jordicus October 19, 2011
A girl who is short, and the coolest person you have ever met.
Happiness is Jordi Shaped.
by Some Hot Dude. May 02, 2005
A adorable boy that's birthday is in July but doesn't really celebrate it. He is very smart and he has limit friends because he hates when a lot of people talk about him.
Frank- jordi is the smartest person i know

Steve- I know and he only has like 6 friends
#smart #cool #july #adorable #boy
by Medina12 November 07, 2012
- Strong looking guy. Fights back to anyone. Never give up. Always goes for his goals and his dreams.

- Good looking guy. Love s todo flirt and gets any girl he wants.
- Does not Care about being popular.
- And loves to playa sports (Baseball) (Football)
- Jordi knows how todo fight

- He is cute and good sin bed.
- Born siner.
- Mostly a ganster man.
- A Jordi is loyal and its smart to the game.
- Jordi lovethat girl he's never going to let her go he is to Loyal.
#strong #healthy #smart #fights #loyal
by Jordi: January 03, 2015
A boy who has no swag and is really cocky. He believes he can get any girl, when really everyone hates him. They only thing girls enjoy of him are his clothing style and his fragance. He has really ugly hair especialy when its down. He is a horrible DJ and only hangs out with pedophiles. He thinks smoking is cool, when really it's just making him loose brain cells and making him dumber by the second. He thinks everyone likes him, when really no one really does; all he thinks about is himself. Once you meet a Jordi, RUN AWAY!!! They'll try to seduce you with their "swag."
Person 1: I have so much swag! Everyone wants me!
Person 2: Shut up. You must be a Jordi.
#cocky #swagless #ugly #seduce #pot
by TheTrumpets March 26, 2012
sexy blonde with blue eyes and a body like none other. she's beautiful all on her own, you don't need anything.
Jordi is fucking hott!
by Brett January 20, 2004
Jordi is a freaky dude who's birthday is in July but he celebrates it like six months later.
And he likes aerosoles from eightthousand volt!!!
He's 1337 gamer, especially with warcraft 3!!!
Omg Jordi kicks like so many ass
by Chriz December 20, 2004
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