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Totally awesomeness. Like a cross betwix Adam Sandler, Ben Savage, Spiderman, and twinkies.
Ashvin: Awww, I wish I was as cool as a Jordy.
Jordy: Shut up you whiney whore.
by Jord---- Mike March 14, 2005
The sweetest, funniest guy in the whole world. He loves bears and guns. He makes the best boyfriend, is super attractive and is great in the sack. He knows how to make anyone smile and will be there for you whenever you need him.
Kylie: olive juice jordy!
by Dickstache April 16, 2013
The Diddler. A man/woman who will diddle your nether regions like never before.
Dude, I met this girl last night who was a total Jordy. I've never been diddled like that before!
by gingaluva April 10, 2010
Jordy is made to be with a girl forever generally called Alexia, Alexis, Lexi, Lexa. Because they are the same type.
Jordy is sometimes a player, but when he loves someone, he loves them with his heart
by Hellolol February 06, 2015
a name given to someone that had a tendency to cheat and hack because he is a loser
"i caught two snorlaxes"
"stfu jordy"
by desireval July 31, 2016
A person who is always making excuses not to go out, and is not fun to be around. Sometimes also called 'doing a Jordy Shore'.
Q: Bro, why isn't Matt coming to the party?
A: That bitch is being a total jordy again, he says he is grounded but he's probably masturbating.
by Swekster March 14, 2015
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