V. To move or sell illegal products

Originated on the West Side of Chicago.
Kels- "Where Ron at?
Slinks- "Shit, on the corner joog'n dat shit"
by JK Bravo September 07, 2010
To fake somebody when it comes to drugs, mainly marijuana.
man i got jooged. the guy only sold me .6 for 25!
by LegendaryGoods December 09, 2010
Slang from Suburbs of Chicago for a man's manly unit.
n. Joog a mans penis

v.joogen / doin the joog intercourse
by Joogenman August 10, 2010
To stab moving armed hand straight forward, as with a stab in the gut. (As opposed to raising the knife and stabbing.)
I'm gonna to joog you with this knife!
by MimmieMimmie June 08, 2009
Kind of like mate for aboriginals. Like when Australias get angry they can be like "fuck off mate." Aboriginals can be like "Fuck off joog"
Keep your kids off my lawn joog! Dey be stealin ma newspapers der joog!
by thejoogerjoogyjoogjoog February 08, 2008
awesome, cool, settled, fantastic.
Me: I just got a job at that one awesome store!

Friend: Really!? That's joog!
by B-Mobile May 18, 2010
a crackhead, or drug fiend
damn, you need to go serve dat joog
show dat joog, how to act
by M!SZ AMBER November 20, 2006

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