when people crack jokes on each other (they call it "joogin" in Chattanooga, Tennessee). Examples of joogin: the song "Lookin' Ass Nigga" on youtube
Jared: Tim start joogin, man.

Tim: Uh-oh, there go Jerome wit his cheese stick leg-ass

Jerome: Boi no you didn't! I'm finna git on yo grilled cheese throat-ass!

Tim: Man, yo Bronze Kneecap leg-ass!

Jerome: California popsickle mouf-ass!

Tim: Pringles neck-ass!

Jerome: Space Jam hair-ass!

Tim: Pop Tart heart-ass!

Jerome: Captain Planet lungs-ass!
by rb_135 September 04, 2009
To make moves, to get out and hustle, to grind, to work hard and have a good work flow.
Example: A person or a crew can have a plan to do something so they get going making plans and actually physically making moves that make gains towards a goal the person or group have.

Example we was with Bezzels joogin through the streets of Atlanta"
by Bezzels August 06, 2016
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