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cheap; a discounted price. used in the Bay Area
I aint gon pay him $50 for that...I can get it for joog from my cuzzo!

"Do you got the joog or not? Show ya boy some love man wassup?! Do you got the joog or not? I get the playa's price, half off...I'll cop!"
#joog #bay area #slanguage #oakland #frisco #cali
by Town Boy May 31, 2006
V. Used in the Bay Area as a term for hooking it up.
Guy : " Man , Nick really hooked it up with that dro"
Girl:" yeah he drove all the way out here at 1 AM. He hella jooged it"
#joog #bay #area #swag #fag #hook #up
by Naaaaager December 10, 2013
Used in the central florida area as:

A drug addict, somewhere between the age of 18-30.
Will almost do anything to get high, usually something of the deceptive nature.

Can be usually identified by skin and bones covered in baggy clothing.
R: We shouldn't of invited Phil over.

S:Why? Did he pinch from your weed sack again?

R: Yeah, that and he stole my 80 fuckin cents I had sitting on the counter, probably to buy more pills or crack

S: He certainly is a text-book joog.
#crackhead #jit #drug addict #pill popper #waste of space
by Fuzzy Slippers222222 February 08, 2011
A universal term for a musical gig, show, or concert; A slang term for a juke box.
You going to the joog tonight?
#show #concert #gig #jukebox #party
by truedeal December 13, 2013
Noun: A sober person laughing at a drunk person.

Adjective: Anything you want.

Verb: The act of a sober person laughing at a drunk person.
John: "Mykal was sober and laughing so hard when Sally was dancing on the table at Beyonce's baby shower."
Jake: "What a joog."

Adjective: "Hella joog."

Verb: "Stop joogin at me, I'm drunk."
#laughing #drunk #hella #beyonce's baby shower #outta pocket
by Joog&Jooger September 05, 2011
To fake somebody when it comes to drugs, mainly marijuana.
man i got jooged. the guy only sold me .6 for 25!
#joog #faked #jewed #jipped #etc
by LegendaryGoods December 09, 2010
V. To move or sell illegal products

Originated on the West Side of Chicago.
Kels- "Where Ron at?
Slinks- "Shit, on the corner joog'n dat shit"
#sell #push #serve #despence #distribute
by JK Bravo September 07, 2010
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