(noun) a girl, generally a constant drinker, who gets furred, wakes up the next morning with a sore ass and slurred body, who joins a group of girls who are tossed around with thee lax bros
Yo that jont kaley put out last night?

Yeah, she domed me while MB got some ass.
by Demetis Black November 12, 2010
Top Definition
Any object in the english language
"Ayyo pass me that jont behind the jont"
"The jont right here?"
"Nah nigga the jont beside the jont u lookin at"
"This jont?"
"Man do u know what jont I'm talkin about?"
by =nEo= July 21, 2004
A synonym for the words "thing" or "stuff"
Also spelled "joint"
"Dawg, lemme hold the jont that you got."
"Well you see, the jont hits that jont and then you get that the net force is equal to 72 Newtons. Now convert that into energy jonts."
"We're gonna boost the jont. You in?"
by Minhdzuy November 03, 2006
girls who you dont give a fuck about and fuck just to fuck em.
jont can also mean groupie whore
"that jont fucks our whole crew"
by swaggmonster May 10, 2010
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