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Any object in the english language
"Ayyo pass me that jont behind the jont"
"The jont right here?"
"Nah nigga the jont beside the jont u lookin at"
"This jont?"
"Man do u know what jont I'm talkin about?"
by =nEo= July 21, 2004
To prevent the act of intercourse between a male and a female, usually done by one who is hatin'.
"Denise says her moms never lets her stay out past midnight."
"Tell her moms to stop blockin!"
by =nEo= July 20, 2004
1. to exhibit an approval or liking

Sometimes pronounced as "fox wit"
"Yo son, u see them new J's? I fuckz wit dem jonts."
by =nEo= July 21, 2004
1. Constantly searching for mischief (usually in reference to police)
2. Eager to act
"Cops around here are real woopty woop"
by =nEo= July 20, 2004
jazzed up version of jont
"Yo how much were them rims son? I'm trynna cop some of dem jiggity jonts"
by =nEo= July 21, 2004
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