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a way to express sexyness
you look so good i could call you jonte
by L1745 June 15, 2008
Of the male variety, usually comes with a huge heart, the ability to make most anyone smile, is always smiling themselves. Jontes are one of a kind because they're always so optimistic to the point where it can get quite obnoxious for anyone who isn't exactly the same way. They're always willing to lend a hand and help another, even at the expense of themselves. Be careful though, because under that jolly exterior, just like all of us, lies a fragile heart. Be nice to all Jontes and they will reciprocate the feeling to you. If you're ever lucky to meet one, please, do feel blessed. :-)

Can be used to describe a nice deed.
Cynthia: My mom got stuck in work yesterday and I had no way or money to get home.
Sandy: How'd you get home?
Cynthia: That kid from our history class drove me. Even though I know his house is on the polar opposite of the city.
Sandy: Wow that was so Jonte of him.

Daughter: Mom, I met the most amazing, most caring guy ever.
Mom: Was he a Jonte? I should've married one instead of your douchebag father.
by Conceited A. January 02, 2011