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It is a female name of Irish Celtic background
It has many spellings such as kaylee, kailey, kayley, kailee, etc. but the real way to spell it is KALEY.
It is also the coolest name ever.
That new girl named Kaley is awesome!
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by Kaley_casserole June 12, 2008
Original spelling of the names "Kaylee", "Kaleigh", "Kayley", etc. From the Gaelic word meaning party.

The girl you don't mess around with. Quiet around strangers, but really just waiting for the moment to strike. Crazy smart and tightly wound by day, anything goes by night. Known as a bitch by some, openly admits it. Willing to do whatever it takes to get what she wants, including step on the toes of innocent bystanders. Argues until the death on any subject, no matter how pointless it may seem. Seems to take things seriously, but is rather weary of letting on just how much she knows. Holds her liquor well, and once drunk, is up for anything. Literally, anything. Has been known to be caught by friends in compromising situations with the last partner you'd expect to find her with. Watch out for this one, she can back up her confidence. Don't try to fight her.
You better watch it, man. That chick's a Kaley. She's hot, but she'll kick your ass.

God, she's such a Kaley. Last night was so hot, but then today she seemed so... uptight.

So you know that Kaley from the office? Turns out she's a demon with her mouth!
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by Ms. Hurry February 01, 2010
Kaley is a special kind of girl. Shes not like any other. She's pretty, smart, and surprise, she's a blonde. She'll appear "hard as nails", but inside she's a real softie. She will never show that you got to her. True to her friends, and will not take any crap from anyone. Shes a great person. She'll stand up for her friends no matter what, and will always be there for them. Likes to have a good time. Seems like an innocent goody two shoes at first, but *BAM* once you get to know her, party animal right there. Don't mess with her, because she WILL bring you down.
Stranger: hi!
Kaley: @^*#&(%&$( ............... hi :D
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by K.fitz March 26, 2010
warrior princess or party animal
Popularize by the song called Kaliegh by the band MARILLION

often referred too as the Kesha of her crew.
the party doesn't start till KALEY arrives.
shes amazing, smart, beautiful. she comes in all shapes and sizes. usually a blond or Brunette. but sometimes seen as a redhead. This girl is often a leader of the pack and is able to gain the respect and trust of others very quickly. very loyal. and well rounded. your secrets are safe with her. drama free. meaning if you mess up your friendship with her in a big way, don't bother apologizing. she will forgive but never forget. when she loves, she loves with all of her heart. sometimes even called the exact twin of penguin love. of course her addiction to penguins is one you will immediately notice.
she is strong and what many call a entrepreneur. aspiring film maker, author, rapper and clothing designer and teacher.

a excellent friend, mother, sister, wife and daughter, and excellent person in general.

and she always puts other before herself, definitely someone to keep your eyes on.

she never fails to surprize.
Kaley was on Oprah today talking about her new book

Omg Kaley is at the door let the real party start.

I heard that he cheated on kaley, he tried to apologize but she just said "apology accepted have a good life" imagine how awkward working together is.

I heard she acts like nothing happen, Kaley has a very professional vibe, she would never let that effect her career.

I almost didnt get to go out for my birthday. but luckily i have a friend like Kaley who was able to watch lily for me so i could enjoy one night of me time.
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by TeamEdward45 July 15, 2010
A girl who is basically jesus. She is the coolest kid in town and everyone wants to be her, even your mom. She is friends with everyone and has the coolest afro ever. You could honestly bounce a ball on that thing and it would shoot into space.
man: Oh... what is that?!
girl: It's just a kaley.
man: Oh good, I thought it was superman.
girl: No, like I said it's just kaley.
man: Okay I heard you the first time...

Woman: Look at that Kaley.
Guy: It's huge!
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by laurenloveskaley June 06, 2009
A Gaelic name (Gaelic is the native language of ancient Scottland) meaning party girl or warrior princess.
Person 1: Hi, my name's Raven, what's yours?
Person 2: Kaley.
Raven: Isn't it spelled Kaeley or Kayley or whatever?
Kaley: It can be but this was the original way to spell it. England and the Irish stole it and keep spelling it incorrectly -_-'
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by whythehelldoyouneedtoknowmynam December 22, 2008
A beautiful girl who is shy at first but when u get to know her she is your other half! Also a brunette or blonde. As well as a beautiful talented girl. Who loves music and many sports. Does not like holding grudges but she will remember it forever! Hates people being mad at her can't stand it! She has hard times... So stick with her you won't regret it!
wow kaley is so pretty!

Did you see kaleys beautiful dress last night?

I can never get over how Gorgeous kaley is!
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by Kalees Nicole stennaling January 11, 2014
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