to want something so bad, you got a stiffy for it.
I'm jonesing for some icecream. means you wanna sex up that icecream. or you just want it real bad.
by batgirl3782343 January 25, 2009
to like in an affectionate/romantic way.
keeping up with the jones'.
you want something in order to keep up.
man...that girl is totally jonesing for me.
by T-fan August 18, 2008
2. When one person slowly walks into another's space while they are walking together.
Named after Josh "Fetus" Jones.
"Quit Jonesing me, this is why I hate going to the mall with you."
by Monica Blackwell December 08, 2006
Making up an event , person or place to sound cool.Inevitably it ends up in ridicule and the event is then denied as "fabrication".
Some examples of Jonesing:

"I have a three year old daughter"

"I had sex with two girls in a washroom"

"I had sex with four girls in one night in sixteen positions"
by :FI:Skipper April 27, 2006
an intense feeling or craving for something or someone
BIIIIIAAAAAAATCH, i bin jonesing fo yo tite asss all monin, so ya bes' paid dat mudda pukka fo all tree rox dis time
by Mike Schell October 06, 2003
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