Amusement, satisfaction through humour, comical success
After our big fight earlier, my girlfriend got her jollys while we were lying in bed by pretending to be sleep and calling out her ex's name in mock tones of passion.

Dave really enjoys acting gay around uptight hetero males. That's how he gets his jollys. We tell him that he enjoys the role a bit too much. That is how we get ours.
by Canadianinuk February 27, 2012
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Term refering to one's pleasure related to a subject.

See Example.
John gets his jollies by watching small ants.
by larstait October 12, 2003
A day out from work, ostensibly on some kind of work-based mission but actually just going for a laugh.
We went to the National Gallery to do some research - that was nice little jolly!
by Ian Chode April 02, 2003
All-round nice guy whom everyone loves.
Jolly owns !
by Jolly March 26, 2003
(noun) Sexual Gratification from any given source or cause.
"I got my jollies last night"
by Spyder Edwards December 06, 2004
Pleasure. The act of enjoying something, or engaging in a pleasent experience. Similar to getting off.
I get my jollies from watching two chicks get it on!
by Webster March 29, 2003
Getting your Jolly is like feeling a high sense of satisfaction and happiness. Its a good feeling of accomplishment and needs to be done more often.
I got my Jolly Off Today at the Mountain.
Say you haven't been boarding in a while. Then you cruise up to the mountain and its all fresh powder, nice day and such.
You have just gotten Your Jolly Off,
by Ben Monen March 02, 2008
to be overly excited, due to intoxication. Being tipsy, but happy as fuck suffices as being jolly as well.
Gettin' jolly off that alcoholly!!
by Flyest_Bee_You'll_Ever_Know November 30, 2009

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