The feeling that is received after ejaculation. If this feeling was achieved by masturbation you may want to see loneliness.
I felt so jolly after I came last night.
by J-nap April 13, 2011
A person who is currently busy right now and would reply at this moment later if you leave a message right now
Hey, he is a jolly. He won't participate in the convo.
by orange7 May 10, 2008
a footballin manager that knows dutch all about football and cannot do anything correctly with a perfectly good team in the premiership
"oops, he has done a jolly to that"
by philmorris April 14, 2008
noun: (1) an extravagantly sexual yet wholly nonchalant figure of urban mythology capable of engulfing or otherwise annihilating men in particular but really anyone vulnerable to its fleshy charms; (2) an entity or being intent on annihilation through sexual congress, having the qualities of many destruction prone goddesses yet not genuinely female so much as berdache or having the reproductive and seductive qualities of both sexes; (3) a being incapable of sexual satiety and thus prone to an obsessive quest to satisfy his/her appetites; i.e. The Jolly.

adjective: (1) reflecting or referring to the qualities of The Jolly, a dreaded yet desired mythical figure or a human being having the same traits; (2) fleshy and flaccid yet somehow horribly attractive in spite of itself, the more so because of its potential for engulfing its victims; (3) referring to a kind of sexual wantonness and capacity for annihilation through sexual congress; (4) suggestive of unabashed satisfaction of the body's appetites; (5) having the girth and fleshy excess of someone or something jolly.
“It struck fear and desire in the lonely and sea-weary sailors’ hearts to think they might find, once they came to the next port of call, The Jolly whose appetites were a matter of legend.”

“Hey, man, check out the legs on our substitute teacher! I’ll bet she’s pretty jolly!”

“To ease their sexual tension after looking at some porn magazines up in the tree house, the boys began to sing some jolly songs.”
by Plains Mermaid January 11, 2009
to bully small kids on the bus

im goin to go jolly those kids big time
by chimpy pete March 28, 2007
Damn, this jolly fool needs to stop eating!
by JollyGuy120391- September 04, 2010
To have a jolly. To masturbate.
I was really horny, so I had a jolly when my parents left the house.
by fruitman May 21, 2007

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