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An apartment located near the four corners of Cobleskill NY. It consists of two apartments located above a small little wanna-be restaurant called Coby's. Tenants of the past had consisted of mostly rednecks so most all black people were scared to come. However, the gallery crew of 2010 has turned over a new leaf. Parties are a regular weekend occurrence and sometimes you cant see the carpet in the morning. The fiestas at gallery have grown to be extremely large and fun but cops always come. Gallery likes to throw parties with fat girl themes too. Some kids even consider it the largest party spot on in the town...pfff
Gallery is so cool man I hope they're having a party tonight.
#cobys #cobleskill #party #beer #mobil
by Wam-Bam-Dance-Man December 10, 2010
An elevated frame/bracket on the inside of a monocle, allowing the wearer to slot the monocle easily. The gallery holds the monocle away from the eye, preventing the eyelashes from jarring. Monocles with galleries are far more expensive, but they offer optimum comfort.
"Say, Charles, you're looking quite rich today!"
"Yes, my new monocle has a custom gallery!"
#monocle #gallery #comfrotable #rich #expensive #england
by Junk Sellafield September 11, 2011
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