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4 definitions by Jolly

All-round nice guy whom everyone loves.
Jolly owns !
by Jolly March 26, 2003
Fear of male sexual excrement that goes beyond fear of spitting/swallowing. One suffering from cumaphobia usually substantiates her fear by delivering meaingless threats such as "If your cum comes anywhere near my face I will wipe it on your shirt."

These threats are worthless because those suffering from cumaphobia fail to realize that a messy shirt is worth a shot in the face.
"As I was about to cum, my girlfriend freaked out. Realizing that she suffered from cumaphobia, I helped her face her fear by shooting a load all over her face."
by Jolly May 31, 2004
an african american freind of vince and jolly
vince, BD, and jolly put in a dip of skoalmint
by jolly January 14, 2004
kissing with the taste of a hairy taco on your lips
by jolly July 24, 2003