Delicious jailbait. Even more delicious than Hannah Montana.
Seriously, dude. I don't know what happened.

I was just pounding Jojo's tight teen twat with my giant, cum-filled cock one day, and before I knew it, Chris Hansen was knocking on my door, telling me to take a seat...
by not-pedobear March 31, 2008
Jojo is a nickname used for the great quality, expensive diamond watches made by Joe Rodeo, a diamond company in New York. They are known for making flashy hip-hop style watches worn by the likes of Bow Wow, 50 Cent, etc.
Damn look at Fiddy's Jojo. That must have cost a fortune!
by ersh1313 December 12, 2007
A female who is sexually alluring at first glance but on closer inspection maybe under the age of consent. Commonly know for being teenage mothers, having loose morals and dating chavs. Common terminology in Jamieism.
Guy 1 - I'd like to use a rohypnol bananna on that piece of monkey.

Guy 2 - Dude she is about 13.

Guy 1 - Fucking Jojos always with the floor juice.
by Prank Monkey January 05, 2005
a slang word for weed/cannibis/joint/spliff/bifta ect
person 1: you got any jo jo ?

person 2: yer do u want sum on my jojo?

person 1: yer mayte gotta love the jojo

person 2: so do i mmmmm jo jo !!
by jo jo lover September 18, 2008
fresh pair of jordan off the box or ca ca ca clean...bay area
"i got them fresh jojos on my feet"
by justine from the bay March 03, 2005
A name given to a person (usually a female) when his or her real name can not be remembered.
Person A: "I saw whats her name yesterday."
Person B: "Who?"
Person A: "You know, the brunette chick."
Person B: "Who?"
Person A: "Jo-Jo."
Person B: "Oh yeah, now I know who you're talkin about."
by The Jew Guy May 11, 2006
A slang name for marajuana.
Man, you know where I can find some jojo?
by Tiny Elvis September 18, 2007

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