Any severely outdated vehicle rolling around town. Extra points for a beat up VW van.
Whoa!!! Check out that van!

Yeah, totally a JoJo.
#van #car #beat #vehicle #old
by Madge86 November 05, 2008
A person who meant the world to you while you were together and made you happier than anything else and there is simply nothing comparable. A person who you would do anything to be with again no questions asked if they told you what to do you'd do it without hesitation. A person who is drop dead gorgeous but you get to held up in their smile to look any further. To make it simple the most perfect person in the world to be with again.
Zac: There's nothing i want but to have her back.

Brandon: yeah that's how ill felt about my jojo there's nothing better than a girl like that
#jo-jo #josie #cheese #luv #perfection
by cheeseless cracka December 21, 2013
Jojo's are smart, pretty, adorable, and everything nice any guy could find in any girl in their life times. They usually use Jojo as a nickname for Jorgeann. They are rare and many guys don't know that they just let the perfect girl go, until shes gone. Their eyes melt the hardest heart of stone. But when she's angry you know it.
person 1: my girlfriend is amazing!
person 2: whats her name?
person 1: jojo
person 2: oh i wish i had a jojo of my own
#celeberity #actress #singer #i #love #you #jojo
by Micheal Mexican May 19, 2013
An amazing friend! He is super athletic and is really funny. One of the sweetest boys ever and at moments, awkward, but you love him anyway! Defiantly a smarty and enjoys reading.
Girl 1: Who's that kid over there?
Girl 2: I dont know but he looks like a Jojo
Girl 1: How do you know?
Girl 2: His face is practically buried on that book!
#sports #books #mean #smart #jerk
by Cats go Meow November 29, 2011
A tom boy who has a exordenry life who has a cool family. Jojo is a nice girl who has a wonderful aditude. She loves exploring and love playing hockey and lots more sports. She believes that she can do every thing a boy can she dosent put up with crap!!!
JoJo a badass
#badass #tomboy #hockey #outside #video games
by JoJo O. July 05, 2015
A derogatory term for young members of the Jehovah's Witness cult who travel on foot or via mountain bike throughout most of the USA, recruiting for their cause.
Jamie "Oh, here comes the Jojos..."

Quanell "Quick, go inside and be quiet, we don't want any Jojos visiting our party"
#jehovah #jehovahs witness #jojos #jojo #jehovah's witness #cult #church #birthday #christmas
by DeanerBeaner September 28, 2007
Delicious jailbait. Even more delicious than Hannah Montana.
Seriously, dude. I don't know what happened.

I was just pounding Jojo's tight teen twat with my giant, cum-filled cock one day, and before I knew it, Chris Hansen was knocking on my door, telling me to take a seat...
#sexy #lolita #jailbait #cp #pedo
by not-pedobear March 31, 2008
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