young girl, barely out of puberty, beautiful and seductive beyond her age, dress provocatively with high sexual drive, not shy to group sex. usually attracts older men.
Look at those middle aged men drooling over that little jojo!
by yib1688 March 24, 2008
(n.) Celebrity, countable

A teenyslut who is ascended from hell, bound to destroy every young children's souls who are destined to become the next upright & talented stars (not like Avril Lavigne, Macauculay Culkin, Gwen Stefani or Zac Efron). Made a high school dropout just before debuting as a singer at an age of 13~15. Keeps herself too busy touting her Guccis and overpriced shits while other girls are dying hard obeying parents' orders. Became a jailbait after her immediate success of her crapsongs. Currently working on her way becoming a superslut, only to be rivalled by Miley Cyrus, Jamie Lynn Spears and more.
On Radio: Jojo's instant-hit songs include "Get Out", "A Little too Late" and "Baby It's You" (featuring now-screwed Bow Wow)

Average listener: Aww, fuck! Turn off this damn song! Ahh!
by HateMainstreamMusic April 29, 2008
JoJo: When you can date two beautiful women (and obviously be fucking them both) that believe you are in LOVE with them for over 1 year and never get caught and neither knows about the other. This is the Babe Ruth of dating. totally pulled a JoJo with those two babes last night...banging Tina for Dinner and Missy for a late night snack. You are totally my hero!
by Semor August 16, 2007
a currency value equal to about fifty cents
- Hey wanna get something from McDonald's?
- No, I've only got two Jojos.
- Well, you can get something from the dollar menu.
- Dat's true.
by Anonie Mouse April 09, 2007
1. Backstabbing a good friend

2. Sleeping with your friend's ex girlfriend/boyfriend
Man, that fucker pulled a jojo on me.
by The Mayor of the Hill June 06, 2007
a term used to describe a nasty vagina
jake smells like dirty jojo
by wonka 1231 December 07, 2006
Someone who acts like they know you, but they don't.
I was walkin' down the street, and this jojo rolls up and starts shakin' my hand?!
by Chario Iglesias March 28, 2006
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