A name given to a person (usually a female) when his or her real name can not be remembered.
Person A: "I saw whats her name yesterday."
Person B: "Who?"
Person A: "You know, the brunette chick."
Person B: "Who?"
Person A: "Jo-Jo."
Person B: "Oh yeah, now I know who you're talkin about."
by The Jew Guy May 11, 2006
1. (verb) When someone comes up behind you and sticks their thumb or some other object in you butt. Not so forcefully as to cause penetration, but with enough force to squeeze your cheeks.
1. Man Kendyll ran up behind me at practice and gave me a jo-jo with his stick.
by Hunter September 13, 2004
A midwestern US term for grabbing the waistband of someone's underwear from the back and pulling it up as high as possible while screaming "JOJO!"

A.K.A. wedgie, snuggy.
"I jojo'd Dave so bad he'll be shitting fruit-of-the-looms for weeks."
by eats February 28, 2010
A simple term to call someone that is a shitty indy or professional wrestler. Also known as a yarder.
Guy 1: "Damn, that kid is a jojo."
Guy 2: "Get that jojo out of the ring".
Guy 3: "So this jojo was firing up on me and I short-arm clotheslined him".
by Stone666 February 05, 2009
The Godfather of all face making,sounds and actions.
" A truely 'touched' individual. He has been blessed with facial muscles capable of bending into the 'bendable' , as well as stretching into the 'deciples of yevan' ."
deciples of yevan,bendable,classic, faceball, X factor, Jojo
by Chris and Krista January 15, 2009
A foolish, unskilled, or flighty driver; poor.
This Jo-jo in the right lane is trying to flip a U-turn
by Laura48 July 15, 2006
Is when you nickname your partner/lovers Private part. A "it's short for".
You have the best Jo Jo.
by Maggie Pie March 09, 2007
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