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Terms used to describe losing a wrestling match. When someone is booked to lose a match they are said to being "doing the job" or "putting over" their opponent.
Appolo was tired of jobbing in TNA, and he quit.
by Michael Nweze April 02, 2006
The fine art of going a-murdering of an evening.
Darling, I'm just off to go jobbing.
Me and the jobbing club went to Dagenham last week.
by Womsam December 04, 2007
Using; More specifically turning someone into a jobber: Someone who does things to fit in.
"I'm jobbing that bitch for her car and money. Sucker."
Jobb-ing. Whenever you lose you job.
Losing. For example losting the elg. Any time you lection counts as a job.
by Bob March 05, 2004
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