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To be the victim of a conspiracy; to lose a seemingly fair contest because of deceit; to be guaranteed to lose. The term derives from the professional wrestling term "jobber".

Brett Hart was jobbed in the infamous Montreal Screwjob.
The Seahawks got jobbed in Super Bowl XL.
by John L. Morgan May 19, 2007
when something unfortunate has happened to someone
I lost $10; I got jobbed.
by john March 02, 2005
A type of internet phishing scheme where companies or individuals post non-existing jobs in order to collect names for direct marketing, mailing lists or other sales processes. This is a process also used by unethical HR (human resource) managers and recruiters to collect resumes to meet performance requirements. The resumes will never be used or referenced since no job actually exists.
1. John sent in his resume for a new posting at ABC Company for a manager position. He realized he had been jobbed when he got an email response asking him to sign up for a paid subscription service.

2. Mary sent in her resume to ABC Supplies and got jobbed. The HR director at ABC Supplies is just trying to collect resumes. They don't have any openings.
by zenofile April 08, 2009
To get or receive a blow job. Past tense. Verb.

Etymology - comes from the slang term ' blow job '

Synonym: 'Getting head', 'Geting your dick sucked'
Pa: I want to get a better job, so my dick can get jobbed more often.
by shwmeyrpprs September 24, 2010
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