oak park nigga!

you roll wit da JMS?

hell yeah!

down wit da clown 4 life!
by lette4life[OP] March 27, 2008
Mostly used on IM programs, is stands for "just making sure"
D-Ray: "Homey, we still down for the movies, right?"

Eddie Guerrero: "Si!"

D-Ray: "jms"
by The Edgecator March 05, 2005
Jack My Swag. Made popular by Jenna Rose in her song "My Jeans".
Hahahaha, JMS.
by Trazzle April 29, 2011
JMS is used mainly on the internet, and is simply an abbreviation for 'Just Making Sure'.
Noob1: Hey, make me a sammich.

Noob2: Did you say you wanted me to make you a sammich?

Noob1: Yeah.

Noob2: Alright, JMS.
by DoraTheRapist August 11, 2010
Jewish Mother Syndrome; to be really overprotective, grouchy, and an overall bitch; PMSing
Omigosh, my mom has a serious case of JMS! She won't let me go to the movies tonight because she said that I could get raped and kidnapped.


That girl- Arielle- is SO jms...who shoved a stick up her butt?
by dirrtyyJEW December 14, 2005
JACKING MY STEEZ, and exclamation used when niggaz be on ur threads
that foo be straight JMS, jacking my steez
by I am the boss December 22, 2009
Text term for "Jack My Swag" which means to copy someones style that makes them cool.
Dude 1: "Yo man, Mike got the same haircut as you."
Dude 2: "Wow, he would JMS like that."

Girl 1: "OMG!! Lisa got the same top as you!!"
by kayxxoxo April 30, 2011

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