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The word Khmer describes a group of people, language, and a culture. Khmer and Cambodian are the same thing. This word is not Korean and does not describe Korean people.
Long Beach, CA is largely populated by Khmers.
by Addictive July 18, 2003
Khmer is the LANGUAGE that CAMBODIANs speak.
im from cambodia and i speak khmer.
by ms. D. November 07, 2003
1.person, item, language or anything that has to do with the Cambodian race.

2.People who are from Khmer ancestry (as in the Khmers from the Khmer Empire who ruled Southeast Asia in 100 A.D.)

3.The dominant and main Cambodian language

4.also MON-KHMER
KhMer PryDe Babbee!!! I aint fkn Cambodian; I don't live in Cambodia. I'm American but my nationality is KHMER.
I have to say I'm Cambodian because most people don't understand or don't have knowledge of that eligibly hard to pronounce word!!!
Sometimes people (blk/wht mostly) of the South (below Mason-Dixon line) are ignant enuff to say what is that or what the hell did you say, columbian?!?
"When I say Cambodian", wat a damn shame!
by Drahcir Srah March 18, 2005
Combodian people speak Khmer,
don't believe me?
What's srok?

I donnno, some Khmer word.
by snapples March 03, 2005
something that one persons says to another when they want that person to come closer to them
hey, khmer man
by Dip Stick May 04, 2004
People with ethic background from a group in South-Eastern Asia
Being khmer doesn't mean you're Cambodian. How about korean?
by SengUng May 06, 2003
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