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A combination of being "jazzed" and "ginned up" about something.

To be in a state of excitement as a result of an event or occurrence. To be "up in arms" about something.
Bob: The last thing we need is for people to get all jizzed up about our company's third quarter loss, it was the result of unusual circumstances.

Phil: I think you meant to say ginned up...but your point is well taken.
by RedBeard53 April 21, 2010
Term for really excited in Papa Leone's speak. To become stimulated, impationed, exhilerated, or exuberant
I was really jizzed up to see that hot asian girl's titty!
Person 1: dude did you see that titty?
Person 2: Yeah, i was all jizzed up! i love seeing titties!
by Doseph April 01, 2011
1. Another way to say f-ed up.
2. Messed up; disabled; particularly old people suffering from the mental affects of old age.
Those Twilight books are so jizzed up I want to kill myself!

Grandpappy Johnny's so jizzed up, he told me today that I look like God!!
by igotthedefs February 13, 2009
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