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1)Someone who is not a native Texan who in their daily language will throw in a "y'all", "lawlz", "ain't", or "howdy".

2)Someone who wears belt buckles, cowboy hats, cowboy boots, plaid button-up hillbilly shirts, and thinks their a huge redneck when they haven't even VISITED Texas or don't even know what a farm looks like or what you do on it.
Mr. Reed is such a Texan wannabe and he doesnt even know it.

What a dumbass!
by igotthedefs February 21, 2009
a)One who repeatedly says "You betcha"
b) See milf.
c)Someone who answers questions with irrelevant answers , like "I am a maverick."
d) Someone who takes pride in Alaska's proximity to Russia.
e)Members of Sarah Palin's fan club; most reside in Alaska
Dude: Do you like cunts?
Other dude: You betcha!
Dude: You're such a palin-er!?!?

The palin-er could only give an incompetent answer, that was all.

The palin-er could recite all of his Sarah Palin knowledge, in a nightsworthof time.

by igotthedefs February 13, 2009
A)Someone who clings to the gonads in worrysome, norvous, anxious struggles.
B) Masturbstor
Jims so anxious about the economy, he's become a nervous pube toucher.

Everytime Terrence thinks about Veronica he nervous pube touches on us.
by igotthedefs February 13, 2009
1. Young and adolescent girls who love to handcomb, touch, feel, and play with another girls hair; usually takes place in a school environment, where the hairtoucher, sits in the desk directly behind the hairtouched. Not all girls like to be hairtouched.

2. Someone who likes to touch a shaggy dudes hair as purpose to annoy him.

3. Gay hairdressers.
That dude is braiding Melissas hair for her, he's such a hairtoucher!

Those damn hairtouchers are a bunch of gaytards!
by igotthedefs February 13, 2009
a)To use the hands to comb through hair when you dont have a comb on you or are so poor you can't afford one.
b)See hairtouchers
He just masturbated with the same hand he handcomb(ed) with.
by igotthedefs February 21, 2009
A combination of gross and disgusting;
utterly sickening.
Kid A: I love men.
Kid B: Really??? Thats grossgusting!!
by igotthedefs February 13, 2009
a)Someone, usually disabled, who thhinks that forks are used to comb another persons hair, rarely themselves.
b)Popularized by Disney's childrens video The Little Mermaid.
c)See handcomber, hairtouchers
GIRL A: Remember when we were kids and we watched The Little Mermaid?
GIRL B: Yeah. Remember how she was a forkcomber creep?
GIRL A: Hell yeah!
by igotthedefs February 21, 2009

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