The substance that takes the form of a small projectile as a result of a sexual act, often blinding the other person involved in the activity.
OhNoes!!!1, Tim blinded Helen with his jism!
The rocket that was Terry's jism landed with a spack on the table!
Candice's jism was a surprise to Andy!
by Maxyy March 17, 2008
Top Definition
1. A nutritional liquid which eminates from the end of the male organ after stimulation. 2. A tasty snack. 3. Nectar of the wanker.
"Sally drinks jism."
"Sally blew the football team and swallowed all of their jism."
"Sally's skin is so young looking, she must be getting a regular dose of jism in her diet."
by Anonymous December 05, 2002
The lesser known name for 'cum'.
The couch's seats had jism underneath them. I suspect mischievous behavior from the scallywags I call my children.
by Bastardized Bottomburp July 31, 2003
Slang term for pre-ejaculatory or ejaculatory (seminal) fluid of the male sex organ.
Mike had a nightmare the night before he went in for his physical. He was worried about making jism while he was being checked for cancer.
by quality control January 30, 2005

The byproduct of male orgasm.
I can't believe Alison swallowed my jism.

or, as a verb:

I just jizzed all over Alison's face.
by Zolatan August 12, 2005
Jismonic man juices.

See semen cum jizz.
Tim: Holy jism on a cracker jenny did you see that?

Jenny: Please never use the word jism and my name in the same sentence again.

*lays the smack down on Tim*
by Falkinor December 15, 2004
cum or jizz
i had jism on my hands after i jacked off
by sodomy man October 16, 2003
it is a hindi word...used for body
"your jism is mesmerizing "
by Junkdumper January 26, 2009
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