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Something that can be given, kinda like 'lip', just more hardcore
Are you giving me jip?
Don't be giving me no jip.
by Hushdhk October 14, 2008
7 20
This stands for Jizz in Pants. Its been abbreviated for easy use in online chats, forums etc. It is also used aloud, but less frequently.

Originally it comes from the SNL Digital Short, "Jizz in My Pants."

It doesn't have to be literal. You can use this expression when anything gives you a pleasant surprise or enjoyable moment.
Because I'm an Apple fanboy, walking by the Apple Store makes me JIP.
by joe28753 May 05, 2009
15 32
To skip a class on school.
Dude, yesterday, i was like, damn i dont feel so good, so i jipped English.
by Tristan December 25, 2004
6 27
1. a person who is dumb
2. also when referring to a person who took unfair advantage on another.
3. a dumb butt
He's such a jip, he failed all his classes.
What a jip, he just totally cut me off.
Your such a jip Shirley, quit being naive.
by Brian Louis Mogollon April 11, 2008
5 27
i) to rob, or do someone out of something they deserve/need.
"did you hear about that goddamn Paki? he JIPPED Steve Out of His Bud!! JIPPO."
by Maccaco August 21, 2005
17 39
Jip, another word for a cardigan. Comes from the phrase Jumper With A Zip. Of course you are not going to call it a cardigan! How uncool!
"Hey mate, pass us me jip."
by IxixixixixixixI October 04, 2005
7 30
to deny someone or something
I'm going to jip his goal.
by Jack of Blades May 16, 2005
2 25