jerking off in the playhouse
hey man i just took an amazing jip it was sensational.
by yaudi hou November 23, 2011
Very good looking guy. He is nice, funny, intelligent, ambitious and the girls love him. Always honest and very fun to be around. Usually he's got medium length, blonde hair. Loves everything about girls.
Amy: Wow look at him he is so nice and really hot.
Emily: Yeah that's Jip, he is new in town let's go talk to him.
by anonimous2 May 03, 2011
Jealous. Insecure. Protective.
My girl is J.I.P. over me.

Im J.I.P. over my girl.
by FakeJMX December 04, 2010
Abbreviation of the term "Jizz In Pants". Referring to the release of cum in a premature matter that results in the underwear of the individual being saturated with the for-mentioned byproduct.

Originally created by the band called The Lonely Island on the album Turtlenecks and Chains released in September 2011.
Oh shit, he made me proper JIP!!
by KnucklezLBU March 24, 2012
to define someone who is a douchebag/asshole/idiot/dipshit
damn man, he just sold his courtside raptors tickets for 25 dollars, what a jip.
by swimmerboy619 November 02, 2011
to be untrue. Usually said after a false statement in an attempt at humor.
You: "Susan Boyle is hot"
Me: "Yeah, jip"
by JBegood January 05, 2011

1) To masturbate or wank
2) to stimulate one's penis to the point of ejaculation
"I accidentally stumbled upon my big brother, whilst he was having a jip in the bathroom"

"He was caught stark naked, having a jip in the men's changing rooms"

"I haven't had a jip for over 3 weeks, I decided to stop jipping for lent"
by andersonio April 16, 2010

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