to deny someone or something
I'm going to jip his goal.
by Jack of Blades May 16, 2005
Basically means 'fuck' just nicer. I use it often when i get hurt.
Can also be Jipp, Jipped, Jipper, Jips. All meaning the same thing, but used in different sentances.
'What the Jip! That person just cut me off!'
by Bejungles April 09, 2009
to rip off or miss out on
"i missed the concert... JIPPED!!!"
"you stole my 5 cents you jipper"
by spaghetti March 29, 2005
The Irish word for cum
Hey! my cofee is full of jip!
by Anonymous April 03, 2003
Bigmouthed (person), cheeky
He's got such a jip.
He's such a jip.
by Jay January 29, 2005
Another durrty south slang word for FUCK
Damn dog that jippin sucks. Thats jipped up. Jip you, you mother jipper!
by jip December 01, 2004
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