A baseball term for a long home run of more than 500 feet.
Lyle Obverbay hit a jimmyjack that went 560 feet to beat the Cubs
by The Big Sexy July 06, 2004
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to waste a salesperson's time with no real intent of buying.
Alvin spent 2 hours looking at every Miata on the lot, but finally left empty-handed, which was no surprise to the armenian salesman, he knew when Alvin walked in that he was in for a jimmy jack.
by sandspit October 02, 2007
v. The act of forcibly and swiftly relieving another person of his/her belongings.
v. The act of sexually assaulting someone's anus.
Damn skeeter done did jimmy jacked my car stereo and my daughter's piggy bank, what a sunuvabitch.

Tyrone jimmy jacked my shitter somethin' good in the shower!
by SYKO 120 July 06, 2011
A Baseball Term For A Three Run Homer
Frank Thomas just hit a Jimmyjack to give the Blue Jays a 3 to 1 lead over the Red Sox.
by J Manning October 02, 2007

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