Slang term that is actually an offshoot of the British slang word "cheeky". In both cases, it can mean sly, coy, bold and/or mischevious.
Don't get jiggy with me, or I'll stomp you into the ground!
by Joe C. September 10, 2004
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when a person is dressed very well or looks good.
That outfit jiggy, you should gone head and cop that.

Ay she jiggy as hell.
by MzRed06 April 23, 2006
1) down with
2) having sex or messing around with
3) exclamation that means "Sweet!" or "Tiiiiiight!"
4) all right
1) "Gettin' jiggy wit na na na na na na!"
or "Yeah, I'm jiggy wit that."
2) "I got jiggy wit your mom last night."
3) "Gator boots with the pimped-out Gucci suit." "JIGGY!"
4) "You aiight? Everything jiggy over here?"
by Nick D February 25, 2003
A played out slang term from the mid to late 90's meaning getting loose or dreesing fly that was used by New Yorkers(mainly Harlem cats) before Will Smith came out with "Getting Jiggy with it".
Yo duke looking Jiggy tonight with the Phat Farm sweater and the Jewalzz...


Damn you was getting Jiggy on the dance floor last night.
by Olskoolrule May 26, 2004
An important Collectable in the Banjo Kazooie Series
Christopher: OMG! The jiggy in Bubblegloop Swamp is fucking impossible to get!!
Jeff: Well, go learn how to use running shoes in gobi's valley.
by DooDooMan October 21, 2007
To hook up or kiss somebody
Person A: did you see Stacy at the party the other night?
Person B: yer, I saw her getting jiggy with Michael!
by ck123 August 07, 2012
Noun. A Giro cheque. A payment of Jobseekers Allowance in the UK. The said jiggy must needs be taken to a Post Office and cashed, in order to receive benefits from the government whilst unemployed, especially if the recipient of the Jobseekers' does not have a bank account. Also known as a Beer Voucher. It causes one to jig in jubilation after having lived on beans for the last twelve days.
Aah, great! Me jiggy's arrived. Cash that in and get pissed me thinks.
by Mr. Logic Again October 21, 2013
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