1. a knife
2. to stab some 1
1. yo hommie thats a big jiggy
2. when i see this punk im gonna stright up jiggy him
by blake_187 April 10, 2008
Supposedly now in the OED. When asked Will Smith, who invented the word, said it was "Nuclear Cool". Taking something to next level over just being cool. Also used as an adjective, associating cool the word it modifies.
I'm getting jiggy in that dance.
by Ron February 25, 2003
A word introduced by Will Smith via the corporate media. Now, Jiggy is commonly used by many in the 'underground culture' to describe any 'mainstream' style, sound or component of Hiphop.
"Yo whats up man, I heard you spin hiphop"
"Yea, but only underground, not that jiggy shit"
"Good stuff, that jiggy shit is mad whack"
"I agree with your statement."
by GuyWhoDrinksTooMuch October 14, 2006
Being really gangsta having nice girls money respect and bieng flashy
you that nigger living da life look at him his clothes are baggy his phones flashy and look at his girl DAMN JIGGy
by MBAKISI April 16, 2007
a word or term used to call a an african american person. Can be demeaning
a jiggy was playin b-ball.
by luke johnstone October 16, 2006
Slang term that is actually an offshoot of the British slang word "cheeky". In both cases, it can mean sly, coy, bold and/or mischevious.
Don't get jiggy with me, or I'll stomp you into the ground!
by Joe C. September 10, 2004
a played-out 98' word
"gettin jiggy wid it..." -Will Smith who needs to stiq with Movies~ not Music
by go2sleep bia September 24, 2003

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